At the Red Cross Gala in Monaco, the Princess showed her trained arms

As a former professional wizard, Charlene von Monaco had always been a very athletic figure. At the Rot-Kreuz-Gala in Monaco, the wife of Prince Albert now appeared more muscular than ever before.

In a shoulder-length glitter jumpsuit Charlene beamed at the donation gala in Monte Carlo at the side of her husband. As if the futuristic outfit, in combination with Charlenes striking hairdo, was not an eye catcher, the neck and arm muscles of the twin mother were particularly strong in the divider.

A new Lovestory in summer 2017

The "12th International Monte Carlo Jumping" race tournament organized by Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline of Hanover in Cannes, where Charlotte took part in the competition alongside other top riders in the industry last weekend. In the award ceremony for the most successful participants, an attractive young man between her and Caroline of Monaco, 60, takes place. Surprise: It is Dimitri Rassam, 35, the new friend of Charlotte. During the day, he had seen his beloved with his ride in the prestigious competition of the grandstand. A little love sensation!

Three Britons jailed for cheating in Monaco’s Casino de Monte-Carlo

They didn’t quite break the bank at Monte Carlo, but three Britons jailed for cheating at roulette in Monaco’s fabled casino did manage to walk away with nearly €4 million (£2.9 million) before they were finally caught.
The professional gamblers were handed prison sentences of 10 to 30 months on Monday by a court in the glitzy Mediterranean principality but they were only ordered to pay back €850,000 of the €3.66 million they pocketed over a year.

Anniversary of Prince Albert II.

Prince Albert has missed a serious exterior paint in his ten-year reign. The 57-year-old uses the splendor of the Grimaldi dynasty and wants to get rid of the grimdelage as a tax parade.

It has become quiet around him. There is not the breath of an escapade. Gone are the days when Albert II, driven by environmental protection, looked closely at the melting of the ice caps on the north or south pole. Not even the dog-days at the beginning of July were able to motivate Monca's princes to make new trips to the ice.

Unknown Monaco: working for the environment

Deriving drinking water in an ecological way for humanitarian and private purposes: from his base in Monaco, one inventor is trying to make the world a slightly better place. In this regard, his purpose matches Monaco’s.